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Monday, November 1

8:30am MDT

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Benefit Overview Microsoft TeamsTenjie Wilson The Art of Engaging Students Google Meet LiveMichele Jones Language strategies in a Play Based Early Childhood Program Google Meet Live and RecordedShannon Simpson Building and Maintaining a Successful Drama Program during a Pandemic Google Meet LiveMatt White Teaching Quidditch to Muggles in Physical Education Google Meet Live and RecordBryan Boychuk Advocacy 101 Google Meet LiveGrace MacLellan • Shailey Cadieux Language Strategies Show and Tell Google Meet LiveAlexandra Barbu • Michaela Holoboff Promoting Executive Functioning in the Classroom: The Basics Pre-recordedAshley Currie • Mackenzie Martin The Power of Stories in Inclusive Practices Pre-recordedMeghan Nowosad • Mireille Mahe • Chrissy warkentin Empowering School Leaders and Inspiring Change in Indigenous Education and Reconciliation ZoomMelissa Purcell We are all Indigenous Educational Leaders Google Meet Live and RecordLaurie Thompson Librarian Sharing Session Google Meet LiveCindy Hornseth A Whole School Approach to Positive Mental Health ZoomAlberta Health Services Creating Pathways to Hope - First Steps Pre-recordedNicole Yadlowsky • Tracy Casselman Mental Health Breaks: Tips & Strategies Google Meet LiveTina Skakun Staff Wellness - Don't Just Survive - Thrive! ZoomLaurie Mitchell • Crystal Atkinson The Practice of Mindfulness for Students TBAJodi Simmonds • Kerri Lorenson • Vanessa Boe Yoga - Relaxation & Flexibility Pre-recordedJennifer Dusyk-Johnson Integers: Drop the Rules; Work on Number Sense ZoomKeith Van De Keere Let's Get Thinking: Inspired by the book Building Thinking Classrooms Google Meet LivePetronella Bouvier • Suzanne Aessie Making Starter Questions in Mathematics Easier and Effective Google Meet Live and RecordedMichael Pruden Project-Based Learning is Still Awesome Google Meet LiveDustin Blake Take the Project Agriculture Challenge (Elementary) TBAPatricia Ramsay High School Science Hands On Labs & Demos for Science 10 & 14 Pre-recordedK J • Jennifer Dusyk-Johnson Google Sites Google Meet LiveRyan Bailey Google Tools for K-3 Educators TBASusan Stewart & Mary Walker Hope • The Cobblestone Collective SchoolCash Admin Assistant Training Google Meet Live and RecordBonnie Sutherland SMART Lessons TBAJody Bean Student Research using Google Tools TBAKatie Ecklund & Coulter Lewis • The Cobblestone Collective Technology Enabled Teaching Design Google Meet LiveLynzey Brodziak • Dayna Thompson Division Activity Buses - Documentation Refresher Google Meet LiveMatt Richter

12:15pm MDT

1:00pm MDT

ASEBP Benefits into Retirement Microsoft TeamsLouise Niles Stop Summatively Assessing Everything Google Meet LiveMichele Jones Building You! How to create a resume, cover letter and learn interview skills. Google Meet Live and RecordMelissa Jacknife Running Heavy Labs in Covid Times - How Can We Do This Better Pre-recordedDavid Teasdale • Josh Backer Grade 1 Teacher Collaboration/Sharing Google Meet LiveRoberta Walker Play Based Learning - Kindergarten Extension Program TBACharlie Kraig Not Your Average Birds & Bees Talk (Grades K-6) TBAJerri-Lynn Visser • Tracey Burnett Interoception and the Focus Sequence Program Google Meet LiveRachel Boychuk • Meghan Nowosad Language for Little Lights - Supporting Early Speech and Language Development Pre-recordedAlicia Keefe Technology Tools for use with IPP/ISP STUDENTS Google Meet Live and RecordDavid Elliott Indigenous Stories of Space and Place TBALayla Dumont • Seneca Dueck The Calls to Action: Allyship and Advocacy through Authentic and Interdisciplinary Programming Google Meet LiveTheresa Huntley Explore, Create and Play! (Free, engaging, hands-on tools for your classroom) ZoomChris Gonsalvez The Prairie Principal Leading In Rural Communities TBAKevin Van Lagen Newest and Greatest Releases for your Library and Classroom Pre-recordedThe Dewey Divas and the Dudes Writer's Workshop Pre-recordedSuzanne Aessie Emotional De-escalation In the Classroom TBASue Huff Increasing Student Resilience TBALaurie Mitchell • Crystal Atkinson Resiliency Conversations to Support Educators TBAAnita Watts Serious Play: Building Your Social Emotional Toolbox TBASheldon Franken The Core Ingredients: Exploring the role of nutrition in schools ZoomAlberta Health Services The Practice of Mindfulness for Educators TBAKerri Lorenson • Jodi Simmonds • Vanessa Boe Messy Maths Bringing Learning Outdoors Google Meet LiveLynzey Brodziak • Dayna Thompson Spiralling Mathematical Outcomes Grades 4-6 ZoomJackie Ratkovic Supporting Early Numeracy TBACathy Coers Thinking Strategies in Your High School Math Class TBADave Martin ​​Teaching Algebra With Meaning! Less Rules, More Number Sense ZoomKeith Van De Keere Big Ideas, Student Projects and Current Issues - Project Agriculture (Junior/Senior High) TBAPatricia Ramsay Making Science Come Alive TBAMabyn Grinde Around the World with Google's Geo Tools TBANicole Lakusta & Guillaume Laporte • The Cobblestone Collective Productivity Workflows with Docs, Drive & Forms for Administrative Professionals TBASean Williams & TBD (Isabella?) • The Cobblestone Collective Troubleshooting Parent Applications Google Meet LiveNicole Garner • Sharon Barrett

2:00pm MDT

2:15pm MDT

The What, How, and Why Behind Creating Authentic Assessments Google Meet LiveMichele Jones Mark Making with Handmade Tools - Unleash your students' confidence Google Meet Live and RecordedAndrew Swainson Not Your Average Birds & Bees Talk (Grades 7-12) TBAJerri-Lynn Visser • Tracey Burnett 2SLGBTQ+ & Inclusive Learning Environments ZoomAlex Marshall (she/her) Dyslexia for a Day Pre-recordedSandra Norman Introducing the Expanding Expression Tool Google Meet LiveCarrie Feeley Speech Sounds Show and Tell Pre-recordedMichaela Holoboff • Alexandra Barbu SST Collaboration Grades 9-12 Google Meet LiveJennifer Mah SST Collaboration Grades K-8 Google Meet LiveShannon Simpson • Marjorie Charles Engaging in Numeracy and Connections through First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Traditional Games ZoomMelissa Purcell Reconciliation Reads TBACharlie Kraig 10 Things Leaders Should Say Regularly ZoomChris Gonsalvez Fonics Can Be Conphusing - Word Study to Teach Children About How Spelling Works Google Meet Live and RecordedPetronella Bouvier to be determined Google MeetLeah Rout Active bodies, thriving brains: How movement fuels mental health ZoomAlberta Health Services Emotional De-escalation In the Classroom TBASue Huff Resiliency Conversations to Support Students TBAAnita Watts Serious Play: Building Your Social Emotional Toolbox TBASheldon Franken Smooth Transitions Google Meet LiveJody Lehr Turco Yoga Stress Reduction Sesh Pre-recordedDanika White Div I Mathematics Activities TBACathy Coers Engagement Strategies in Your High School Math Class TBADave Martin Math Warm-ups: Grades 1-4 Pre-recordedTaylor Zarowny • Suzanne Aessie Spiraling Mathematical Outcomes (Grades 7-9) ZoomJackie Ratkovic Wicked Awesome Math Warmups: Grades 5-8 Google Meet LiveDustin Blake The Importance of Getting Kids Outside TBAMabyn Grinde Do More with Google Classroom TBAJen Weening & Andrew Bieronski • The Cobblestone Collective Get your Google on: Using Google Tools for a Math and Science Classroom TBAJonathan So & Shailah Damji • The Cobblestone Collective Google Drawings for Student Creativity and Engagement TBADominique Dynes & Ammar Aquil • The Cobblestone Collective PowerTeacher Pro for Admin Assistants and School Administrators Google Meet LiveSharon Barrett